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Are your volunteers over-worked?  Short-staffed?

Need just a little help in one or more areas? 

Let us fill your association's or organization's short-term or long-term needs.

Volunteer time is dwindling in spite of the best of intentions, in a world that is constantly changing and challenging everyone to keep up. 

To help keep your organization moving forward, Drysdale Lee & Associates (DLA), an experienced full service association and event management company, offers you the solutions you need.

DLA's team of association managers, event planners and strategic partners will perform the functions that effectively support your organization, allowing your board members and group leaders to focus on the strategic issues that advance their mission.

DLA is founded on a value system of high quality service, long term relationships and excellent business ethics. The primary goal as a company is to promote and support the activities of the associations' membership by assisting in implementing the strategies and goals of the Boards of Directors.

DLA is able to provide services on a short-term or long-term project basis.




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